Obstacle Sports Federation


​​​The General Statutes of the International Obstacle Sports Federation defines the fundamental principles  according to which the organization is governed.


  • The International Obstacle Sports Federation (OSF) is the world governing body for the sport of Obstacle Racing and related sports.
  • OSF is a non-profit-making organization and does not pursue any objective for its own gains.
  • The General Statutes have full binding power on the members, Central Board, athletes and officials.
  • Obstacle Racing is developed according to its own specific nature and under its sole authority.
  • The permanent seat of OSF shall be in Switzerland and the Executive Board shall decide the location of its headquarters.


1.1 The International Obstacle Sports Federation (OSF) is an independent association composed of national member federations worldwide, as provided for under Chapter 2 of these General Statutes.
1.2 OSF is the sole competent authority for obstacle sports and related disciplines throughout the world (Obstacle Sports) and is working toward meeting the requirements for recognition as specified by SportAccord and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
1.3 OSF maintains absolute political and religious neutrality and does not tolerate any form of discrimination.
1.4 All bodies and officials of OSF must observe the General Statutes, Internal Regulations, other rules and regulations, and decisions of OSF.


2.1 The headquarters of OSF shall be established in Switzerland. 
2.2 OSF shall be subject to the laws of Switzerland and shall be organised in such a manner as to acquire legal status.


3.1 OSF is a non-profit-making organisation and does not pursue any objective for its own gains. It shall pursue solely and directly objectives of general interest in accordance with the laws of Switzerland. The financial resources of OSF may be used only in pursuit of the objectives laid down in these General Statutes.
To the extent that compensation or reimbursement of expenses is paid to individuals, it must be appropriate, justified and related to OSF’s objectives.
3.2OSF shall established reserve funds and uses such funds in accordance with the laws of Switzerland. The Central Board decides the policy on the usage of the reserves.


4.1 The mission of OSF is to promote Obstacle Sports throughout the world and to lead the Obstacle Sports movement as recognised by the International Olympic Committee. OSF’s role is to:

a. Control, regulate, supervise and direct, and to foster, encourage and advance Obstacle Sports and the practice of men’s and women’s Obstacle Sports in all its forms and in all age groups in every country worldwide;
b. Manage Obstacle Sports throughout the world through participation, development, competition, and commercial means;
c. Ensure that Obstacle Sports throughout the world is carried on in a manner which allows the sport to be competitive and fair;
d. Formulate or adopt and implement appropriate policies in relation to discrimination, sexual harassment, equal opportunity, equity, drugs and doping, health, safety, infectious diseases, and such other matters as arise from time to time as issues to be addressed in Obstacle Sports;
e. Adopt, formulate, issue, interpret, implement and amend from time to time such rules (including the official rules of the sport) and regulations as are necessary for the control and conduct of Obstacle Sports throughout the world;
f. Allocate and control the conduct and administration of all official international competitions at national team and club level;
g. License and/or endorse the conduct and management of international Obstacle Sports competitions or sports where this is in the interests of furthering its mission and role;
h. Establish and maintain an OSF Obstacle Sports judicial system, providing processes for the appeal of decisions and the settlement of disputes;
i. Pursue itself or through another entity commercial arrangements, including sponsorship and marketing opportunities and commercial arrangements in relation to OSF’s intellectual property, as are appropriate to further its mission and role;
j. Provide for the representation of OSF at international events which will extend and enhance its control and management of Obstacle Sports throughout the world;
k. Promote the recognition of Obstacle Sports as the world’s leading mass participation and televised sports;
l. Do all that is reasonably necessary to enable its mission and role to be achieved and to enable the national member federations to receive the benefits which OSF’s mission and role are intended to achieve;
m. Co-operate with, join with, and/or support any association, organisation, foundation, society or individual where the activities or purposes are similar to those of OSF or which advance Obstacle Sports throughout or in specific parts of the world;
n. Have regard to the public interest in its operations; and
o. Undertake and/or do all such things or activities as are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement of its mission and role.

Please use the following link for the complete General Statutes

OSF General Statutes