The organization of OSF includes the following commissions: Technical Commission, Technology Commission, Medical Commission, Women’s Commission, Athletes’ Commission, Para-athletes Commission and Ethics Commission. All Commissions report to the Executive Board, and all Commission members have the right to attend Executive Board meeting.

It is the responsibility of the members of each of the Commissions to support OSF´s efforts to develop Obstacle Racing and related Sports.

Athletes Commission

The Athletes Commission provides representation and development for athletes

Ethics Commission

The responsibility of the Ethics Commission is to enforces the OSF Code of Ethics, and investigate this violations. The Committee is advisory and submits Resolutions to the Executive Board.

Finance Commission

The OSF Finance Commission advises the OSF Congress, OSF Executive board, OSF Central Board and the OSF President on matters relating to the OSFs financial management in order to safeguard continuity and strengthen the transparency and good governance of the OSF and obstacle sports globally.

Governance Commission

The OSF Governance Commission (OSFGC) is the OSFs statutory authority responsible for developing and funding obstacle sports worldwide. As such, the OSFGC is responsible for assisting member national federations and sporting organisations develop operational and sporting excellence and increase participation.

Legal Affairs Commission

The Legal Affairs Commission advises the OSF on juridical issues, with both a consultative and operational role.​

Media Commission

The Media Commission manages all aspects of marketing and media, including social media and public relations.

Medical Commission

The Medical Commission is responsible for establishing conditions at OSF-sanctioned competitions, which ensure the health and safety of all participants.
Controls all Anti-doping policies and activities of OSF. Making sure that OSF complies with the WADA code and the IOC and OSF anti-doping rules.

Para-athlete Commission

  • Ensures compliance of races to para-athlete accessibility
  • Represents para-athletes and ensures compliance of OSF with IPC standards

Technical Commission

The Technical Commission supports the development of the sport. The Commission is advisory and submits Resolutions to the Executive Board. Its duties are:

  1. To supervise the application of the Competition Rules and Operations’ Manual.
  2. To prepare Resolutions concerning amendments to the Competition Rules and Operations’ Manual.
  3. To propose Technical Delegates for official OSF competitions.

​Technology Commission

The Technology Commission and advises on the global technology platforms supporting the systems and structure of the OSF. This includes integrating and displaying results, rankings, sanctioning, memberships and affiliate & athlete support. The Committee is advisory and submits Resolutions to the Executive Board.

Women’s Commission

  1. The Women's Commission ensures equal opportunity for women in the sport of Obstacle Sports
  2. Promotes recognition and representation of women
  3. Creates policy for integration of women in all races

OSF Commissions

Obstacle Sports Federation