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OSF is responsible for safeguarding the integrity and reputation of obstacle sports worldwide. We strive to protect the sport from harm as a result of immoral or unethical activities, methods and practices.

OSF’s Code of Ethics applies to members, employees, officials directly and indirectly affiliated with OSF. It also applies to organisers of OSF Competitions and events, and those bidding for the right to host them.

The OSF Ethics Committee oversees the observance of the Code of Ethics as set out in the OSF Statutes

Composition of the Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee consists of six persons of “elderly statesmen” status appointed by the Congress. The Ethics Committee elects one of its members to be chairman of the Committee.

Role of the Ethics Committee

The role of the Ethics Committee is to examine possible breaches of the Code of Ethics and to report on its inquiries and deliberations.

The principle of confidentiality shall be respected strictly by the Ethics Committee in all of its activities.

Alleged breaches of the Code may be referred by the following to the Ethics Committee for consideration:

  1. The President of OSF
  2. The Central Board
  3. The Secretary General
  4. National member federations

Referrals must related to alleged breaches of the Code within the previous five.

After appropriate enquiry and consideration of the matter, the Committee will either dismiss the referral or make a prima facie finding of breach(es) of the Code of Ethics together with its recommendation(s) to the Secretary General or to the Central Board, as applicable.

The Ethics Committee also prepares a report for the Congress.


The Ethics Committee has no direct power of sanction. The Secretary General and/or the Central Board may either deal with an adverse prima facie finding of the Ethics Committee in keeping with their respective authority or may decide to refer a matter to the OSF Disciplinary Committee for formal hearing under OSF’s disciplinary processes.

Where a party is found to be in breach of the Code of Ethics, sanction(s) may include:

  1. For an individual: a monetary fine and/or suspension or removal from office;
  2. For organisations: a monetary fine and/or suspension of membership or statutes as an obstacle sport organisation

National member federations may deal with alleged breaches of the Ethics Code within their own respective jurisdiction through their own processes unless the allegation of breach involves the national member federation itself, in which case in which event the matter will be for the OSF Ethics Committee to consider. Where OSF is of the view that a national member federation has failed to either investigate appropriately an alleged breach of the Code of Ethics or to impose an appropriate penalty, then OSF may undertake its own investigation and/or fix its own penalty.

The responsibility of the Ethics Committee is to enforces the OSF Code of Ethics, and investigate this violations. The Committee is advisory and submits Resolutions to the Executive Board.

​We are currently seeking volunteers for the Ethics committee. In addition to forma education and practice in law, ideal candidates will be multi-lingual, have proficient English language skills, board experience in international sport, and a solid understanding of obstacle course racing.


Mr. Jack A. Donenfeld

Jack A. Donenfeld has been practicing law for over 38 years and has a diverse background that provide a unique approach to legal matters.  In addition to his legal skills, Jack draw on businesses and real estate investment, and working in public and private businesses and in government to bring particularly broad and knowledgeable perspectives to matters. 

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