Obstacle Sports Federation


Code of Ethics

The International Obstacle Sports Federation members and staff are bound by the code of ethics. This details the ethical principles of the OSF, based on the core values and the standards to which the members shall be held.

The Code is applicable to the following persons:

  1. Members of the Executive Board
  2. Members of Committees
  3. Athlete members
  4. OSF staff

Each of the above persons being referred to hereinafter shall be to as a ‘Party’.


Each Party must, both in the carrying out of its duties within the OSF as well as on a day-today basis, shall comply with the principles of:

  1. Human dignity
  2. Nondiscrimination, for whatever reason: race, gender, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, philosophical and political opinions, marital status or any other
  3. Nonviolence, including abstaining from any kind of pressure and harassment, whether physical, mental, professional or sexual
  4. Friendship, mutual aid and fair-play
  5. Integrity
  6. Priority to the interests of obstacle sports of and the OSF in relation to personal interests
  7. Priority to the interests of sport and athletes in relation to financial interests
  8. Protection of the environment
  9. Political neutrality
  10. OSF Constitution
  11. Olympic Charter
  12. ​International Olympic Committee Code of Ethics

All parties shall, on all occasions and to the best of their ability, serve the interests of obstacle racing and the OSF. They shall be aware of their task and their personal responsibility and take all necessary action to carry it out. They shall refrain from any behavior that may jeopardize racing or the OSF’s reputation.


The Parties shall refrain from asking, accepting or proposing, either directly or indirectly, any payment or commission, any advantages or services of any kind, whether it is in exchange for their work carried out for the OSF, and which has not been agreed with or authorized by the competent authority at the OSF. They will inform the OSF of any offers of this kind that are made to them.

Only symbolic gifts may be offered or accepted by the Parties, as a mark of respect or as a token of friendship in accordance with usual local custom. Any other gifts received must be sent to the OSF. A competent authority at the OSF must authorize any other gifts offered to a third-party.

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