OSF Affiliation - Clubs, Leagues, and non-Federative Associations

If you are seeking recognition as an international association, club, league or similar organization, please complete and return the Affiliation Request Form. Please note that affiliated organizations cannot operate only in one country (it must be a global organization with international members) and have no voting rights at the general assembly.

OSF National Federation Membership

If you are seeking recognition as a national governing body (National Member Federation) for an Obstacle Sport or related discipline, instructions are available in the Joining Kit and Membership Criteria documents. You must complete and return the National Federation Membership Application to be considered for affiliation.

National Member Federations (NFs) wishing to become a member of the International Obstacle Sports Federation (OSF), the world governing body for Obstacle Sports, Obstacle Course Racing and related disciplines, need to meet the following requirements. These are based on the OSF Constitution and By-Laws.

National Federation Membership Request Form

Complete and return the OSF National Federation Membership Application. Include a cover letter declaring that the constitution of OSF will be strictly observed. This letter shall include the Membership Application, containing the following:

  1. Name of the NF
  2. List of elected officials
  3. Mailing address
  4. Contact name
  5. Contact phone number
  6. Contact email


The NF constitutions must include clauses that:

  • refer all unresolved disputes between the NF and OSF to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS); and
  • the NF has Anti-Doping Rules that comply with the WADA Code and OSF Anti-Doping Rules.

The OSF will assist NFs with compliance and governance structure.

Governing Body Status

The NF must be recognized as the governing body for the sport in their country or be working toward recognition.  The applicable National Olympic Committee (NOC) and/or National Government Sports Agency (NGSA) must confirm this status. NFs working toward recognition may be granted interim affiliation status provided they are in actively seeking approval as their recognized national governing body for Obstacle Course Racing or a related sport.

Membership and Affiliation Fees

No annual fees are required at this time.

Annual Report

An annual report must be submitted by 31 March each year, and shall include:

  1. Address, telephone and email of the NF
  2. List of elected officers, i.e., Executive Board or Board of Directors
  3. An indication that 10% of the Executive Board is represented by women. Provide their names and positions.
  4. Dates and Results of major Championships and events held during the previous year, i.e., National and state or provincial championships

National Federation News and Social Media

  • All elite, age group and para-athletes who will compete at OSF World Series, World Series Final, Continental Championships or World Championship events must be registered by the NF and agree to be listed on the OSF website “obstaclesports.org” once accepted for competition.
  • Each athlete entered by the NF will have a “profile page” created which can be self-managed by either the NF or the athlete.
  • NFs with competing athletes must post weekly or bi-weekly news stories or updates referencing the OSF and race on their website and social media pages.
  • NF homepages will display the OSF logo linking to obstacleracing.org.​

Contact info@obstaclesports.org for more information on starting a NF in your country or CF, as applicable.

Affiliation & Recognition

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